The Thread Lyrics

The Thread

Words and music by Anke Summerhill
I guard my secrets carefully
In hopes that you won't find
The things I cannot share with you
The dreams held in my mind
But I could never tell you
Just what you mean to me
The thread that's spun between us
Could break too easily

You'll read the morning paper
I'll make my way downtown
The things that seem so ordinary
Will lift me when I'm down
But I could fall to pieces
Just grieving what is lost
The thread that's spun between us
Could never hold the cost

There is a road that lies behind me
It is well-worn with regret
But the one that lies before me
Is a road not traveled yet oh, no
My road not traveled yet

So when I say I love you
Well, don't assume I'm insincere
For what I feel inside me now
Has been this way for years
As I recall the moments
That brought me to this place
I see the thread between us
Held in a state of grace
I guard my secrets carefully

Anke: vocal, guitar
Carla Eskelsen: guitar, harmony vocal
Michael VanDam: cello
Matt Larson: acoustic bass
Copyright 1998 Anke Summerhill, Sky and Earth Music, ASCAP, all rights reserved.